Parenting Coordination for Family Law

At the practice of Dr. Netta Shaked, South Beach Psychologist, we know the emotional side of divorce, paternity cases, and family law. We will hold your hand through the often turbulent and painful process of divorce, paternity actions, time-sharing, creating parenting plans, co-parenting, family law and using a parenting coordinator, certified in the 11th Judicial Circuit and in the 17th Judicial Circuit of Florida, such as Dr. Netta Shaked, parenting coordinator. 

In parenting coordination we provide a child-focused alternative dispute resolution process. Whether you are struggling at the beginning of a divorce with all the motions being filed, or whether you are further along and have become hardened and embittered by the process, we are here to provide education and make recommendations about time-sharing schedules and parenting plans. We help two conflicting parents make healthy unified co-parenting decisions. To learn more about what a Parenting Coordinator does click here.

Why Use A Parenting Coordinator?
  • More money saved than having attorneys filing motions on child issues ​​(i.e., filing a motion to modify pick up/drop off).
  • More efficient turn around time for addressing child issues (i.e., Lisa's extracurricular ballet, which starts next week) than waiting for hearings weeks/months away
  • More effective resolution of child issues (i.e., whether your ex should introduce the new beau to the kids) because you've got a neutral parenting coordinator who is a psychologist.
  • Less conflict and more harmony for your children... for the children's sake. Research shows that it's not the parents' separation, but it is the conflict, which harms children the most.

How does a parenting coordinator work?
As you're reading this, you're probably exasperated trying to set up a parenting plan that you can live with. Fret no more. A parenting coordinator helps you create an age-appropriate and healthy time-sharing schedule, holiday/vacation time-sharing schedules, and facilitates both Mother's and Father's unified decision-making regarding your child's education, health, religion, and more. After meeting with each of you, and then with both of you together, we will be well on our way towards making healthy, unified co-parenting decisions. ​



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